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In the end, the most important thing is to win the ball. When the team starts to win, any act that is considered unauthorized will be accepted. And if you lose the ball, Jiaji will become another Belick disciple trying to do it in other teams.

Giant coach Qi Qi: Requesting the wrong player to receive the running circle is for teaching players

New York Giant coach Joe-Jiaji Judge asked the player running circle to make mistakes as a punishment, and wholesale jerseys the coach will accompany it together. Such old factions have triggered controversy, some experts have issued criticisms with the former players.

Flush first striker Xie Puli knee

On August 7th, China has become the new coach of Arizona, Steve Wilks, said Steve Wilks, said that the offensive front line after the red tits will be one of the strengths of the team in the new season.

The Chicago Bear team also ushered in the first victory of this season. They played the Pittsburgh steel man with 23-17 Time. The second grade running guard Jordan Howard played outstanding, handed over 138 yards and 2 times. Friendship transcript, and he helped the bear team in the overtime. At the same time, the Xiong team has also played outstanding, got 102 yards, and his 283-yard integrated code number in all rookie roses in all rookie roses. It is a good surprise. In the case of four-point guards, Glenn, the steady pavement may be the winning spoon of the bear team.

But now Wilks’ comments should be hit a question mark. On Monday, he announced the team’s first center A.Q. Xelley (A.q. Shipley) was torn before the knee before training, and he would therefore absent the 2018 season.

The lion takes behind the music, will absent this week.

The lion is hurting the legs of Kenny Golladay’s leg rubbing is still not ended. He missed the training of the two days later, and officially confirmed the game of steel people on Friday.

[Event Prevent] Fourth Week Thursday Night Race @ 包装

As one of the most famous accommodations in the history of the national distribution, the historical origins of the two teams always give the competition heavier historical significance. This game will be the 195th hand of the two teams including the player, and 195 hands-on records are also the most cheap nfl jerseys from china history. The two teams of the two teams were recorded as 94-94-6, and this game was also the first time in the history of the two teams, and who could got the final victory, they can occupy the history of the history. Advantage.

“Everything we do is,” Jia Ji said. “We are very happy to explain to the team why we act in accordance with the current method. I am very believed in educating our team why we do something. We are not blindly thinking about this way and then forcibly punishes the players. I explained before. When you make a mistake on the field, there will be consequences. In the game, this is a penalty code. In the training, we have to understand that there will be consequences. This is not punishing. This is to remind us to focus, for Do things more attention to details. “

This is Bill Belichick disciples transplant him to other teams and trigger the latest example of other teams and trigger controversy. Bellchik has a champion record and past success to let players accept some of his old factions. The new coach has no such conditions. The hard practice in training may cause some players to be dissatisfied, and it is possible to quickly get the player support.

Although Peterson wants to visit the Saint, it is difficult to think that the saints are suitable for him. Saints already have similar Mark Indigram (Mark Ingram), which has just achieved the best performance in the six-year career last season.

Jiaji let the practice of making mistakes are concerned at the training camp. Some people think that this method is amateur, or the predictive players will express dissatisfaction at some time in the future.

[Average predecessor] The thirteenth week of Sunday: Texas VS Patriot

On the thirteenth and weekdays, the Sunday Race was held in the name of the Nalanan District, the home of the town of Town, the home of the United States. The two teams have gone in the history of the Chinese Dezhou only win 1 game, and since the 5-game defeat (including the playoffs) since 2014, the average division is 15.2 points. Texas Coach Bill O’Brien (BRIEN) The history of the patriots and the Tempets exposed this year’s snapper tried to illegally dig the high-level event of the patriot, let this game have more historical entanglements.

Earlier this week, I reported that there were three to five teams to share Titsons, and he did not show the invitation of the team now. Pitters, seven-seven-selection of professional bowls, have clearly said that they are willing to wait patiently.

Shiterson visited the Seattle Hawks shortly after the free player market, but later the sea eagle signed Eddie Lacy. He also visited the New England Patriots, but he did not get a contract, and the patriot still intentionally signed back to the Galley Legarrette Blount.

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