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Peterson: The goal is always 2500 yardsMinnesota Weijing Run Aderian Peterson has a high expectation for the 2015 season. His expectations are very high: Peterson said that he is going to go to the ball at 2500 yards when entering this season.

“Qiao Wei Mai is a priceless treasure.” Smith said, “After the end of the offense, it is very valuable to exchange with him after the completion of the rush is complete. Qiao Can teach Galt how to have dominance I can also give him something wrong. Multi-Joe interact, learn more Joe is very important to Galt. “

Famous Talent Player Sheng Mai Leles-Grett Performance Old RoadBeijing August 3rd News NFL History Kill List, Famous Talent, Bruce – Smith (Bruce SMITH), in the state of this selection, Myles Garrett, in Wednesday.

There is no way to reach 2500 yards. Eric Dickson (Eric Dickerson) 2105 NFL Record Since 1984, the most close to breaking this record is Peterson himself, he has acquired 2097 yards in the 2012 season. Even if you feel that 30-year-old Peterson can still be able to have the same level as before and before, “It is the same as before” is not enough to let him rush out of 2500 yards. Peterson has achieved the best level and reaches the best level in history to reach a 2,500-yard goal.

The broker said in the statement: “We have recently communicated with the wild horses, and the snaps also exchanged with other teams. We think that this communication will have privacy protection, but since it is not the case, let me know how to say: We have failed to agree with Denver’s opinions, but Krene is still intended to play in wholesale Nfl Jerseys in the 2020 season, as long as he and his family is right. “

General Manager General: Regular electionBeijing April 17th is less than 9 days left in 2019, most people believe that the names of the elevation will be all the four-point guards of the Oklahoma University, Murray. However, if this is a place fact, the difficulty of Josh Rosen will rise. Of course, the rickets are also likely to be indifferent to Murray.

4. The American tiger will sign an external hand to Tietu, Terry Godwin. DARQUEZE DENNARD DAARQUEZE DENNARD is disagree with the team and will eventually sign a contract. David’s contract was originally $ 3,35 million, including $ 6 million.

Gaines fused at home last season, but in 2017 in Bill performance, 11 games, completed 59 hugs, 9 times destroyed pass, 1 copy, 3 times forced the ball. He has signed a year contract with Brown in 2018, but after 6 games, he ended the season.

5. The red rheina and the offensive cutaway Markus Gilbert signed a one-year contract, with a salary up to $ 3.75 million. Gilbert last year the Steelers traded to the Cardinals, but due to a knee injury did not play.

Line Weikre – Matthews still hopes to play 2020 seasonAccording to ESPN, after the resignation of Von Miller’s ankle injury, the wild horses have negotiated with Clay Matthews, but Matthew returns the invitation of wild horses, indicating that they are not going to play. .

Sapphire, won the key battleAt 9:30 on November 16, Beijing time, Arizona’s red bird was a guest Seattle challenge the same partition Haiying team. The red rumor has achieved 19 points in a small climax in the second section, but the excellent performance of the Haiying’s defensive group in the first half of the fourth quarter. However, the last moment of the last moment of Palmer’s pass Dall and Elington’s rushing down! The score of the whole game is 39:32.

The fourth game, Parmer’s second attack was killed and dropped. The Hawks start from the 2 yards from the red scitch. Ms. Zhen Enen has broken through the defensive defense of the red fragrance, and reaches it. Unfortunately, Wilson’s 2 points is not successful. The sea eagle is only 2 points behind. 25:23. However, the Hawie-seeking team once again succeeded, and forced Parm to have a championship, and immediately attacked it! The 2-point conversion of the Hawk is still unexpected. The Hawk is leading at 29:25. Palmer finally responded under pressure, 14 yards of the ball reached the near-end Duanjiemein-Greham (Jermaine Gresham). The rickets have taken a 3-point leading advantage. The footsteps of the Hawks attack on this critical moment. The red tones got the ball were stabilized, while consuming the first attack on the side until Andrew Ellington stood up. A 48-yard mushroom reaches the ball, and the nicknades have fallen into a desperate situation. Rocks 39:29 Hawks. The Hawk uses a minute to narrow the division to 7 points. Unfortunately, the kick of the Hawk failed to make the mist of the rickets. The rickets have won this key civil war at 39:32!

Before asked if Runs is still a red ramp, Kem’s answer is “now”. As the first round of the rickets, Rosen’s pass rate is only 55.2% last season, and the 2278 yards are promoted, reached 11 times, and it is copied 14 times.

In the third game, the Haiye first recovered a bit of score, but Wilson sent a copy in the second round of attack, and the red scitch took the opportunity to return a free ball score. Rocks 25:10 Hawks. However, the Haiying only used three attacks, and the Doug Baldwin won the 32 yards of the ball reachable. The difference is 8 points. The three battles, the red scitch 25:17 is still leading.

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