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Al Shang – Jeffrey Expressing the eagleOn June 13, although the training camp and the preseason have not yet arrived, the performance of the eagle break, Alshon Jeffery, has made the old eagle near the arm Zak-ac (Zach Ertz) I feel very excited.

Joseph said: “Whether you are from spiritual or physical ability, he has the ability to undertake this task. His passage protection capacity is quite good, this can make people feel this rookie half-HalfBack. “

This season’s jet can be said to make everyone in front of him, the first quarter gitzpatrick 267 times passed the 3,129 yards to complete 25 reachaes, relying on his excellent performance team this season He has protoped, and the starting running Kieslis Evre (Chris Ivory) 217 ​​games promoted 914 yards, the next few games will be the opportunity to hit the first 1000 yard season of their careers, and he also Successfully advanced to the ranks of the top running guards. Jets of the jet firepower Point Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker, added 20 times this season, which has been flattened with the history record.

The wild horse will let the new show Friedman serviateBeijing September 6th, the NFL scorpion code king has been made by the rookie, the 2016 season is the Dallas denim, Ezekie Eliott, last season is the Kansas City Emirates. Kareem Hunt.

LT played the attackability of the straight arm to the extreme, if you score this action, full of 100 points, the LT must get 150 points. The most basic straightforward block is a straight arm, standing against defensive players, using the distance from the arms, such as the unfolding airspace, http://Premierhealthspecialist.Net so that the defensive player cannot be close. More powerful players will watch the timing and push the opponent before defending. LT can do not only to push away, even pushing. In addition to pushing, he also has a skill that has been allocated and pressed, and the focus is destroyed through various techniques. On the one hand, it will not be close, on the other hand, and prevent it to be chased again.

Although it is not clear whether this record can be impacted, the wild horse decided to let the rookie have been in the regular season. US Time Wednesday, the wild horseman announced that the rooking to Roys-Freman will serve as the starting running guard, Devontae Booker will be a ball The type of running guards, and the phillip lindsay will be used to convert the rhythm.

Cowboy coach: Murray can win the victory with your ownDallas Cowboy is still in the playoffs, and Demarco Murray is still the most important ring in the team attack. The main coach Jason Garrett said this week that Murray has the ability to bring the denim into the playoffs.

“Waiting until the preseason and regular season we will know how it is. But I am still very happy to make these outstanding players, they are very talented. You have also seen Alhang play, know that he has completed the ability to complete the attack.” I said that Ejs said.

In all offensive positions, it is the most good at active attack. Zhao Ri Tianzhi did not accept: “The patriot’s Gronoski is full of talent!” As a top close-end, he really uses the body advantage, but the primary responsibility of near-end front is to pick up the ball or Block people. The running guard is different, get rid of defensive, breaking the line is their primary responsibility. When running in active attacks, three weapons are used: helmets, shoulders, arms. Since the alliance rules are more inclined to prevent brain shock, the head is universal, and most of the cases will be aimed at the other side directly, this action is called “truck”, we call it “crushing”, generally happened The strength is against the body weight to fight against defenders. The arms attack is the most beautiful trick, named: Stuff ARM, straight arm. Speaking of “straight arm block”, have to raise the legendary running guards of San Diego flash, and people are more accustomed to the LT, and the 28-year-old rush ball reached the record No one can break.

The Elz last season is the first in the number of eagles, and Jeffrey’s joily provides more profound threats, this is the other defensive coordinator can’t ignore. Therefore, Erz should get more space in the middle of the midfield, whether as the near-end front or the tank.

Galert said: “Dimako is a very all-round player. Whether it is a rush or catching, he can do it very well. He is full of desire for the game. He will never meet more. I can grasp every opportunity. He is our leader, he has the ability to lead us to the playoffs. “

In the past 3 weeks, cowbi’s alternate running Saux, Randh Randle and Lance Dunbar completed only 5 rushing, Murray almost born almost all responsibilities in the back of denim. It has been pointed out that cowboy let Murray have participated in too many attacks, which will have adverse effects on his body. In view of the history of Murray’s injury, some experts have proposed that cowbits should use such running guards more reasonably. About this, whether Galley or Murray is full of confidence, they believe that the team and players can more and more courageous, and a drum is among the playoffs.

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