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In September this year, the famous celebrities will announce the list of candidates for each classification. Modern players include players who have ended over the past 25 years. The ancient times players need to retire for more than 25 years. The list of primary elections and the final list will be announced this fall and next year.

According to cheap nfl jerseys from china NetWork reporter Ian Rapople, he reported from Drew Rosenhaus, which was joined in the end of the 2020 season, and he will re-sign a contract with the team. The contract is two years, with a value of $ 16.6 million, including $ 8.5 million security amount.

This is already the second hip surgery that Pita accepted in the past two years. In September 21, Pita was heavy after hitting the opponent by the opponent, and his hips were returned. He will follow him. Put the injury list. Some people think that Tower wants to go back to the stadium. Because this is another injury in the same part in a short time, Pitt only participated in four games last season, and this season is only in the third game. The end of the season. But Hubble revealed: “Dennis told me that he would like to continue playing, he will do our utmost to rehabilitate and train.”

On Friday, the professional football Hall of Fame, in order to celebrate NFL for a hundred years, they will introduce 20 famous Hall of Hattle (only one year) in 2020. These 20 people will include 5 modern players, 10 ancient players, 3 contributions and 2 coaches.

Texas and quadrotae Water Sen Same STONG STON $ 4,600 million

US time Saturday morning, according to ESPN reporters, Texas and Siwu Denwen Watson have renewed for 4 years, with a total contract of $ 600 million, including nearly 111 million US dollars.

The biggest benefit of this income is undoubtedly an ancient player. External hand Sterling – Sterling Sharpe, Roger Craig, offensive front line member Joe-Jacoby, Golden Jimbo Covert, Ai Al Wistert, Bruno Banducci and Ox Emerson, Lavern Dilweg and Dru-Pier Drew Pearson, defensive end of lc Greenwood (Lester Hayes) and Safety Kliff – Harris (Cliff Harris) may benefit.

Taylor originally entered the contract year, which was originally a salary in 2016 just more than $ 1 million, which is the lowest in four-point guard. Now he will get a salary that meets his true value.

“I just started,” said Trevisen, which is about 3 years this year and the bear team. “I am serious; I just hit the Iceberg. I started to feel in the defensive group, and I have a feeling in the internal defense position. Now I can understand the game very well. I know how to level in my mind and body level Play the game and defeat the opponent. So, I think I will definitely make better performance than last year. “

After leaving the tiger, Dun Ru came to the West Coast and showed a big exhibition in Seattle’s playoffs. In the eight games of the Haiying team, it has created 5 kills and became an important weapon for the defensive group of the Haiying team.

In the first three years in the past three years, Watson played 38 regular seasons, and the pass rate was 66.8%. Promote 9716 yards, reaching 71 times, being copied 29 times. NFL history, only 11 players who completed at least 70 passes in the first three years.

Earlier, the Haiying team broke up with the first defensive line of the long-term contract due to the salary of the salary. JARREN Reed. The 28-year-old Ride entered the final season of $ 139.75 million in the last season of $ 139.75 million. His departure will come with $ 5 million of death, but will save the team with $ 89.7 million salary space.

Bill announces renewal news on Friday. wholesale nfl jerseys official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that this contract was 6 years according to the informed news, and the value reached 92 million US dollars. Labotport also said that Taylor will earn $ 9.5 million in the 2016 season, but there are many remaining parts that need Taylor to prove their performance before they can get.

The team has the right to choose whether to implement contracts in 2017. If they enforce contract Taylor ($ 15.5 million bonus, 12 million US basin). However, although it is unlikely, if Taylor can perform a complete contract, he will earn $ 112 million in 6 years.

“I want to be kept in mind,” Trevison said on Friday. “Achievements will always be passed. You always want to leave some things that can be kept in mind. The bear has a tradition of producing excellent line guards. I want to be one of them. To do this, I have to play a beautiful defense Performance.”

In the 2018 season, Trevisen showed excellent, winning 102 times, 2 kills, 2 coputés, 6 destruction of passing and 8 cockroaches caused the loss code. He is therefore candidates to choose a professional bowl. In the new season, he would want to continue such performance.

After a four-year-off four-point guard for Baltima, Taylor demonstrated its ability to become a double threat in the first year of Bill’s first quarter-off. In the 14th start from last season, Taylor passed the 3035 yards 20 times to 6 pass passes, and the success rate of the pass is 63.7%. In addition, he also won the ball to get 568 yards and 4 times, the number of average scorpion codes reached 40.6 yards, ranked first in all quarterfields. His single season quarterfire review is the second high of Bill’s history (at least eight times).

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