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Chief Safety Beli is diagnosed as can cure lymphoma

The Kansas Emirates Safety Wei Rick Berry was diagnosed as Hodgkin Lymphoma. Two weeks ago, the team has announced a preliminary diagnosis, and this case was confirmed yesterday.

Attending doctor, Christopher, Christopher R. Flowers said: “This disease can be cured, the goal is to cure the lymphoma of Belry, we have started treatment.”

Berry received a blessing of the team and Cheap Nfl jerseys. Before Sunday to the Compass, Arizona’s red narrow team players wearing a commemorative shirt, Justin Houston, who also picked up the jersey on the underwear after being killed. The Emirates also donated to leukemia and lymphoma associations with the sale of commemorative T-shirts.

Berry said: “I have a good blessing from all walks and my family in the past few weeks. I can’t use language. I thank the University of Emei University, Freu Dr. Dr. and his team, they are working hard to treat me. I will continue to challenge the disease, God is with me. “1 year ago

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