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Music actor Ayuna officially served as NFL China Promotion Ambassador, unlocking the charm of football

Music actor Ayuna officially served as Wholesale Nfl Jerseys China Promotion Ambassador, unlocking the charm of football

On January 9, Beijing, the NFL professional football big alliance officially announced that the famous musical actors Auntega will serve as NFL China promotion ambassador. A Yunhai, a new pit football will understand the football movement, go to the 54th Super Bowl On-site viewing to help, and participate in the exclusive report of NFL China’s exclusive digital media partner Tencent Sports, boost nfl jerseys and Super Bowl in Tencent Platform Promote and develop, bring the charm of NFL football to a wider population.

In recent years, with the popularity and development of rugby movement in China, the courage, tactical wisdom and teams presenting in this campaign were recognized and appreciated by Chinese fans. As the annual champion finals of nfl jerseys; super bowl, due to its magnificent game scene, full of tactical and confrontation, the midfield show and full-creative advertising feast are known as global sports Entertainment Crown Pearls are well known and loved by the public.

Since the opening of the music opera career, Ayun 嘎 tably impressed countless viewers with a representative of “Alzen Memory Love”. At the beginning of 2019, I tried the drama “Venice businessman”, not only the stage performance won the full house, but also helped the repertoire to become the annual grab the heat TOP1. While singing the theme songs for many popular film and television dramas, the third section of Ayuna mini concept album “Lights” also won the Diamond Single Certification of QQ Music Peak Popularity. Active sunny image, top-standing male temperament, and his attitude towards professional seriously responsible, let Ayuna have many times on the Spring Festival Evening stage, winning extensive praise.

For this cooperation, Ayun 嘎 said: “I am very honored to serve as NFL China Promotion Ambassador. When I first contact the football, I have a strong interest in this movement. I admire the courage, wisdom, and persistence of this event. The spirit of unremitting and teamwork, this is very similar to the musical play, every musical actor is all right, actor and all staff tacit cooperation, professional serious attitude, to give each performance for the audience Just bringing a player on the football stadium to bring a wonderful to the fans. I am very much looking forward to the next series of cooperation, I hope to bring the charm of this sport to more people, let them be with me. Appreciate the wonderful! “

After more than ten years, it is currently the popularity of NFL rugby in China. Its high-quality brand image, the unique sports charm and the potential development prospects are also recognized by the community. American football motion originated from Changchun City, a movement that is ideal for cultivating adolescent leadership and establishing lifelong benefits. Rugby promotion advocates team communication and collaboration, guiding adolescents to respect each other, enhance confidence, courage and toughness, and don’t give up. Children over 3 years old can participate in “waistless football” without physical contact, exercise the basic feeling of body coordination, hand-eye cooperation, and time and space cooperation. In recent years, rugby has developed rapidly in domestic high-end communities and international schools. The number of participants has increased rapidly. In 2014, there were only 8 400 players in China’s organized amateur adult equipment league, and in 2019, this number increased to more than 80. Support team and more than 4,000 players. Suitable for adolescents and public participation, the number of teams of the team also increased from 36 cities in 2014 to more than 170 cities in 2019. It is currently more than 50,000 in the country (under 12 years old), youth regularly participate in organized football training. By 2020, this figure will exceed 100,000, and rugby is becoming the fastest growing sports in China.

In the fierce competition in the 2019-20 season, the NFL team has more exciting, and the team’s team’s team’s quota is more intensified. Which two team will meet the Miami super bowl, who will eventually ask the Ting Gui-championship, and the Summer Show guest song, Shakira and Jennie Floris will bring how the performance of the explosion scene? On February 3, 2020, NFL joins Yunya invited you to witness together!

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